Rhodesian Ridgebacks are very proud and impressive looking medium sized hounds. They are distinguished from other breeds by the ‘Ridge’ which grows in the opposing direction from the rest of the coat. The ridge should be clearly defined and should start behind the shoulders and continue tapering symmetrically down to the haunch. Their should be two crowns which are equal and opposite at the top of the ridge. The lower edges of the crowns should not extend further than one third down the ridge length.

The Ridgeback has a quiet and gentle temperament, rarely barking which is associative with hounds. They are an ideal house dog who is happy to bask in the sun or sprawl out in front of the fire; however, they are instantly alerted by any strange sounds and make you the owner aware of their concern. They are not a noisy breed,-they only bark when they have cause.

Protective owners should note that whilst Ridgebacks require an element of control, they are not a breed that you should try to dominate. This would only result in breaking their temper which is not a good environment to create for either the dog or its owner and would no doubt lead to the breed obtaining a bad reputation through no fault of its own.

Ridgebacks are highly intelligent, cunning, faithful, loving, protective, and strong willed and determined. They are stand offish and reserving with strangers, relaxing once they have accepted them on their own terms.

It is essential that you socialise your puppy from an early age, getting he/she used to all aspects of life including learning to be comfortable with prams, traffic and large crowds. This ensures that they are exposed to as much of ‘life’ as possible which will result in a well balanced dog and a happy relationship between dog and owner.



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